Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Discontent

A couple of days ago my sister-in-law, Pat
told me she's going to Hawaii in May.

My daughter Kate is in Miami this week.
Yesterday's temperature...82 degrees.

This morning's headline,
"Blizzard covers nearly half of US."
Fortunately, we're not in the midst of
a blizzard here, but I'm feeling
a little discontent.

Last year at this time were were
anticipating a trip to Greece
to celebrate Kate's college graduation.
It was a perfect trip.

This is the time of year when I might be planning

a spring break or summer vacation.
But, because we had a BIG trip
last year, there's nothing in the works
this year.

But I'm thinking, what I need is not a trip,

but just a couple of hours in the backyard
sitting in the sunshine!

Do you have any vacation plans in the works?

(Pictures 1,2,3 and 5 from Google Images)


Feral Female said...

Oh to sit in the sun on the porch surrounded by flowers...*Sighs*

We don`t do too many vacations due to having farm critters.

Tammy@beatrice banks said...

I have absolutely no vacation plans at this time. We are on a tight budget so we normally just do weekend trips. But a day in the sunshine sounds very nice right now. Better yet, I'd like to be where Kate is. Beach sounds divine!

pve design said...

Funny, I was visiting a friend who is always working on something fun and sunny in her home...she asked me if I wanted to see what she was working on and she took me in to her dining room.....and there on her table were maps, travel books planning a family "Out West" road trip! I love making plans, but we have a big renovation under way and twins preparing for college - so I too will be enjoying planning a garden and summer barbeques on our patio! What wonders a little change of scenery or season can do for the spirit! :) Sending sunny warm thoughts your way!

The Sewing Loft said...

No trip plans here. I have been thinking about what I want to plant on the patio and how I want to dress that area up in the spring. I am thinking about making some chair cushions for the outdoor chairs, and planting some smaller shrubs in pots, in addition to the usual flowers.

Christine Jargick said...

I am planning to take a little weekend trip to Colorado sometime soon but other than that, nothing. My boyfriend has different ideas, though.....

Stitchfork said...

Just a little bit of sunshine would be a vacation from all this gloomy winter stormy weather!
xo Cathy

BECKY said...

Greece? How wonderful! I know it was breathtaking! We have my family reunion this year in the Smokies, and we love it there! That will be our big expense for the year. I am so looking forward to the chilly weather here being gone, too! You can come down here and sit in the sunshine with me!! :)

Hope you have a joyful Friday and weekend! Sure do love the stuff you make! I need to start saving for one of those bags!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Susan, if that is your patio with the beautiful turquoiseish furniture and flowers, I could stand a little staycation there, too! All the beautiful ocean pictures make us long for sunshine and warmer days! It is so cold and it snowed overnight here. Brrrr... Stay warm.

quintessence said...

I don't have plans either but am living vicariously through all the bloggers who are away on fabulous trips or planning one soon! Spring, when it finally comes, will seem like a vacation to me!!

A Vintage Chic said...

Good morning! So glad I found your lovely blog today...

Our plans this year are to stay a little closer to home. We're on the central coast of California, and are hoping to take more time this year to visit all the wonderful places in our state that we haven't taken the time to visit yet (Gold Country, Redwoods, more of the old missions, etc....)

I'll be following along...hope your dreams of sunshine come true soon!


Gracefully Vintage said...

What a contrast- But what an experience to go to Greece- looks beautiful... Love the pics'
glad to of found your darling blog...
A new follower-ill be back for more soon

Privet and Holly said...

Yes, yes, yes....
But not until March!
Happy today ~ warmest
it has been here since
December ~ 32F! But,
the grey has descended
upon us, again, and
more snow, tomorrow.
Now, don't you feel
better?? Imagine you'll
have daffodils, soon.
Here? End of April : )
Big Saturday hugs to you,
xx Suzanne

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