Thursday, September 27, 2012

From My Book Shelf -- GONE GIRL

GONE GIRL is the red hot book right now
 and has been for several weeks.
It is  Number One on the
Indie Bestseller List this week.
It has received excellent critical acclaim
for it's first time author, Gillian Flynn.

The story is narrated, in turn
by it's two main characters,
Amy and Nick, giving the reader
two totally different points of view
and the dilemma of who to believe.

The story begins on their fifth year
wedding anniversary when
Amy goes missing.
Amy's narrative is from the perspective of
a journal she has kept for several years.

There are clever plot twists here.
When I started Part Two of the book
I was totally taken by surprise at
the direction it takes.
I won't share what it is because it's
such an interesting turn.

Part One is good,
Part Two blew me away.

However, the book becomes
totally unbelievable by the time you
get to Part Three and I found it to be a
real weakness.
I kept hoping for one more clever twist
that would make the story, as a whole,
equal to it's Part Two.
It didn't happen.


MrsMatched said...

Every day I wake up and think, "Today's the day that I buy Gone Girl," and every day I go to bed without it. There's a new Southern Living tailgate book that I was going to Books A Million tonight to get, so maybe I'll end up bringing two books home. Finally!

Karen Coppari said...
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Karen Coppari said...

This is another of those books that I've been wanting to read. I just finished "Dark Places" by the same author. It was difficult to read at times. And I'll admit to wanting to slap some sense into the characters more than once! After reading your review, I'm not sure I want to give this author a second try.

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