Friday, September 14, 2012

My Newest Creations!

Last time I told you I had recently purchased
lots of scarves and was working
on a new project.

I'm knitting cowls,
my newest passion
and lining them with pretty scarves!

This results in a totally reversible neck warmer.

You can wear it with the scarf against your neck.
(Some of my cowls are lined with cashmere
and feel incredible against your neck.)

Or, you can wear it with the hand knitted side against
your neck, for a really cozy feel,
and a pretty plaid scarf around your neck.

In addition to the cashmere scarves,
I'm also using  some pretty
faux silk ones.

I'm using the scarf as my inspiration for the yarn
and designing the FUSION Yarn to perfectly
coordinate with the scarf.

I've just listed some in
my Etsy shop this morning
and have plans to add more
and more as the holiday season approaches.
Stop in and have a look!


NanaDiana said...

Oh- How darling! They are just wonderful- xo Diana

Linda Chapman said...

What a creative artist you are! Just beautiful!!!

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