Sunday, September 30, 2012

Making "Pinky"

This is "Pinky."
You can read her story here.

I recently received a shop order for some "Pinky" kits.
The first step in filling the order is printing the pattern.

Next  I wind many little balls of yarn.
First, pink...

...then the gray for Pinky's head and legs.

Each kit also contains pink ribbons,
one thin length for hanging the model,
and another for Pinky's iconic pink ribbon.

Assembling all the components in bags is the final step.

All the finished kits, soon to be on their way,
and hopefully in the hands of many knitters,
who with their knitting of "Pinky"
will help spread the word.

1 comment:

Karen Coppari said...

My Pinky lives on the handle of one of my knitting bags. I still love her and the thought and efforts behind her. Thank you, Buttermilk Cottage.

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