Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy, happy, happy...!!!

Happy here at Buttermilk Cottage 
because of a special package
that arrived a few days ago 
from my brother Rick and his wife Terry.

First, you need a little back story.
Last Christmas, Rick's wife Terry
included in her holiday gift box to us from Germany
some "Happy Hippos."
Because she had also included some treats for
Chaos and Daisy,
at first glance I thought they were more
little dog treats.

Upon closer inspection I discovered they were 
treats for Nancy and me.
One bite into these cookies
and honest to god, 
I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
They are that good!

So, the one thing I told Rick and Terry while visiting
them this summer in Germany
was that I wanted to bring some Happy Hippos
back home, since I'd never seen them here.
As often is the case when traveling
we never got around to getting them.

Rick promised to put some in the mail to us.
How many did we need?...
Well, I wanted to share with our parents, 
send some to Kate,
serve them to my knitting buddies the next time I host,
Nancy wanted to take some into work,
and we'd like a few for ourselves.
Not one to skimp,
Rick came through with seven boxes, 
each containing 28 cookies.
We are RICH in Happy Hippos!

I will be the first to admit,
they are a goofy looking cookie.

Happy Hippos are made by Kinder,
who also makes Nutella and Tic Tacs.
They are a crispy wafer filled with 
two layers of cream filling,
one vanilla flavored and the other hazelnut.
Did I mention they are shaped like

It's probably a good thing they are not
available in my area.
One bite and you'd understand why.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another "Bistro on the Porch" and Neighborhood Yard Sale...

The Fall mums on the porch are ready...

The porch is ready...

The house is ready...

The coffee is ready...

The morning muffins are ready...

Our food counter is ready...

Our yard sale is ready...

So begins the 2013 Tree Streets' Yard Sale
and Buttermilk Cottage's  
"Bistro on the Porch!"

The weather was perfect this year.

An enterprising entrepreneur next door...

was later joined by her sister.
What can I say?
Our neighborhood has classy yard sales!

Many of our customers took advantage of the porch.

This is the third year this group has come to have lunch 
with us on the porch!

The porch sitters were constantly changing
and enjoying a moment of shade, 
sitting, good food
and conversation.

Fun customers and...

...happy customers!
Until next year...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How About a Day Trip to France?

Strasbourg, France to be specific?
We think of visiting France and it's a major undertaking.
If you live in Stuttgart, Germany
it is only a couple of hours drive to reach Strasbourg.
Which is exactly what we did!

As soon as you cross the border from Germany into France
you are aware that you are in another country.
Of course all the signs are suddenly in French, not German.
But the architecture changes too.

Strasbourg is a lovely city
filled with charming shops,
so French!

Many of the shops had beautiful decorations
above their entry ways.

A pretty tablescape inside an equally pretty shop.

Lace curtains were everywhere.

A whimsical building decoration.

This is Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre-Dame,
known as one of the most beautiful
Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

So, you can have a day trip to France!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Glimpses of Germany

I have been looking at and organizing
pictures from my recent trip to Germany.
This was my first visit there
and my overwhelming impressions
were of its beauty.
The terrain is similar to 
East Tennessee, where I live.
But the architecture is 
without a doubt, totally European.


The city views and the numerous parks are all breathtaking.

We took time to enjoy many markets and meals.

And of course, you cannot visit Germany 
and not see castles!

Lots and lots of sightseeing,
but I must tell you my most 
vivid memories of this trip
were the family times, laughing,
sitting in numerous outdoor cafes 
for a coffee, cappuccino or espresso,
laughing, visiting and laughing!

Again, a heartfelt thank you to
Rick, Terry and Max!
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