Thursday, May 31, 2018

Road Trip, The Wildflower Cafe, Hummingbird Cake, Hippy-Chic and Other Such Stuff...

I had the pleasure of a road trip 
with M last weekend.
We visited friends in North Georgia.
On our way home,
driving through Mentone, Alabama
we stopped for lunch at 

What a treat!
We were there in time for their Sunday Brunch.

While waiting for our table,
look what we discovered 
was part of the dessert menu!
Hummingbird Cake!!!
Karma...we're at the right place!
We had the "Brunch Extravaganza for Two"
and I HIGHLY recommend their
Tomato Pie.

Back to those desserts...

Of course we HAD to try the Hummingbird Cake.
Because the brunch was so huge we ordered
a slice to go.
The waiter brought it in a nice little box
but we asked if he would bring us a plate
so we could take a picture.
He accommodated us with a choice of 
three different plates.
How many busy waiters 
would go to that sort of effort???

The restaurant touts itself as "hippy-chic"
and with one step through the front door,
it makes perfect sense.
The art work on the walls was for sale.
They also have an eclectic  collection of
craftsman made items for sale including 
pottery, clothing, toys, carved wood,
jewelry, jams, and soaps.
All that in addition to 
a strolling musician playing
the guitar, taking requests
and getting foodies to sing along.

The Wildflower Cafe was voted the
"Best Cafe in Alabama"
by readers of ALABAMA MAGAZINE
in 2015.
It was also featured in the book,

The grounds of the restaurant are of interest too.
So, it you have a bit of a wait, do a little exploring!

We did dig into the Hummingbird Cake
later that evening.
This was the first time I have tasted one
and it confirms my choice for our 
was a good one!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Gauntlet has been Thrown Down!

It has been a while,
but yes I am still here.
I have been busy with...
You know how that is, right?

Do you remember the 
I have had with my siblings for
the past few years?
It's that time again!
Since my brother Rick 
and sister Nancy
picked our previous two cakes,
this year the choice is mine.

Notice the picture, it's a hint.
Any idea of the cake
we'll be baking this year?

The Hummingbird Cake.

Since we all live a distance apart,
we can't do a taste test.
So our bake off consists of
pictures and stories about our cakes.

This year I am inviting you to  join
our Bake Off.

Have you ever made this cake?
Have a favorite recipe for this cake?
Want to try your hand at this cake?
There are a ton
of different recipes out there.
I have chosen the one I will be baking.
So, put on your apron,
bake your version of this cake
and send me your pictures
and experiences with it.
I will share any that are sent my way.


By the way, this is a really
informal "competition."
We don't have a timeline,
but should probably aim for 
the end of the summer
to be completely finished.

Pictures from Google Images

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