Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Daily Walks

The beginning of my walk...
I have walked my neighborhood daily

since I moved here eleven years ago.

Now that I am a week away
from my move date of June 6,

the number of walks remaining
for me to take,
is an easy estimate.

Neighborhood walks are one of the things
I will miss most when I move.

Whether it's a short power walk,

or a long, leisure saunter,

my morning walk is 
like my first cup of coffee
in the morning.

It's my kick start to the day.

It's my time for clearing my head
and organizing my day.

My walks and I are en sync.

It's my time for daydreaming
and gathering inspiration,

and keeping an eye on favorite houses.

On my walks,

I watch what's growing anew,

since the day before.

There are many gifted gardeners in this neighborhood.

Their effort are truly appreciated by this walker.

I have had the pleasure
of meeting many of my neighbors
on my walks.

And their dogs,

and occasionally cats.

My hope is the new owners
of my well loved home,
will discover the
joys of walking the
Tree Street neighborhood
as much as I have.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wood Floors!!!

Real progress this week!
The floor guy came on Friday
and got all the wooden floors,
which previously were covered with carpet,

It looks like new wood flooring!

I have not gotten a detailed explanation 
of what comes next,
but I do know they will be sealed.
The painting is still in progress,
the dining room light fixture needs to be hung.
We are getting very close to
move-in ready!

Moving Day, 
quickly approaching is
June 6th!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kitchen and Baths...the End is Near!

The end REALLY is in sight.
Except for some trim paint,
the kitchen and baths are complete.
The refrigerator in this picture is not 
sitting flush against the wall,
waiting for a bit of paint above it,
so it will not stick out this much 
once it's in place.

Remember when I posted about
a few weeks ago?
I was mistaken.
Happiness is having a cleared living room...

 and having all your kitchen appliances
in place...IN the kitchen!

Missing one drawer pull in this picture.
This drawer had to be reordered, 
so it's a little late getting its handle.

My first ever gas stove!

Both bathrooms are pretty complete also.

This is the upstairs bath.
Both bathrooms have the same color way,
sinks, bead board, and flooring.
Their personalities will 
define themselves once I start decorating,
and they "tell" me 
how they want to look!

This is the downstairs bath.
Note the mirror.
It was my grandmother's 
and I used it in my present house.
It got a new coat of paint
and reoriented to hang 
differently for this space.
I'm very happy to be able to 
continue using it.

Move date:  June 6...continuing to count down!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Move Mode

Nancy was back for a visit last week.
She came to organize and pack her personal things,
which we then moved to my new house,
where they will be stored.
It was three days of visiting,
eating at favorite restaurants,
(what to keep,what to let go),
trips to Goodwill,
and back breaking trips to my new house
to stow boxes and boxes of her personal things.

At the end of her visit,
her charming apartment upstairs,
her and what made 
the space hers.

A local charity picked up the couch and chair this morning,
so it's looking even more empty.

This is what moving looks like.
I have been packing for the past several weeks
and feel a total lack of order in my life.
This is my kitchen all packed.
Look at all this stuff!
You're not even seeing
what was let go!
I realize there is NO WAY
all these things are going to fit
into my new little kitchen!!!
I'm taking the Scarlett O'Hara line,
and "I'll think about it tomorrow."

Taking a break from packing,
and on to other projects,
I have been applying paint to a few items
I'll be using at the new house.
The wicker rocking chair belongs to Nancy. 
It was our grandmother's.
It cannot be parted with
and will find a home with me for a while.

Move date: June 6, counting down...

Friday, May 12, 2017

Renovations Continue...

Major steps forward this week!

The washer and dryer were installed,
in the newly created laundry space
(previously the pantry).
Ignore the wooden door pull.
I'm looking for a cuter one.

Getting the kitchen granite installed
had become a benchmark for progress
in my mind.
This week...it was a great surprise
to arrive and have the installers
working on it.

I have the makings of a really sweet kitchen here!

And, the subway tile back splash 
is getting placed.

Is the end in sight???
I believe it might be!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Progress Report

The stairs have now been scraped
of the cement like
waffle padding,
which appeared glued to the steps.

Remember how they looked last time?

The missing cabinet arrived
and now all the kitchen cabinets are in place.
The granite people came last week
and created a template for the counter top.

All the pulls have been installed.

And, as of yesterday
the dishwasher is in place!

The mounting brackets for the microwave
have also been installed.

Part of my weekend project is to clean up 
some of the metal door knob plates
which had been painted.
After soaking all night in
mineral spirits, although not perfect,
quite an improvement and they will
certainly make a charming statement
to the doors!

Fiber person that I am,
guess what I discovered makes
an excellent tool for scraping paint
out of all those little etchings.
A large tapestry needle is perfect!
Because of the blunt tip
it didn't scratch the metal.

Here's my morning's work,
with their glass knobs in place.
Reminds me of
"...little flowers in a row."

I scheduled movers this week,
so I now have an official move in date of June 6.
That's one month from today!
Fingers crossed everything gets
finished before then!

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