Sunday, November 4, 2018

Lunch at Miss Bobo's and Bob Dylan...

...all in one week!

Last week was my "favorite" sister's birthday.
On Monday, Nancy and I 
made the half hour trip from my parents' house
to Lynchburg, Tennessee for lunch.
Lunching at Miss Bobo's has been on my 
TO DO list for quite a while.

So what better way to experience it than with Nancy?
It was an excellent afternoon.
Miss Bobo's, at one time was a boarding house.
It is now owned by Jack Daniels
and operated as a southern style,
family style restaurant.
The food is plentiful and excellent.
The day we were there the menu was
fried chicken, meatloaf, buttered potatoes,
okra (*****), green beans,
rice and broccoli casserole,
red pepper relish,
tipsy apples 
(baked apples GENEROUSLY doused with Jack),
and for dessert chocolate pie
with Jack flavored whipped cream.
Need I say more? 

(we DID need to walk off a few calories)
we walked around the town a bit,
and found some cute shops.

These guys came home with me.

Many of the shops in Lynchburg are
Jack Daniels theme related.

On Tuesday evening,
M had tickets for 
a Bob Dylan concert 
in Huntsville, Alabama.

Bob Dylan is an icon
and what a treat to see him!
Remember how in the past,
you couldn't always understand
all the lyrics to his songs?
Well, things have not changed.
One difference now though,
is that often you cannot easily
catch the melody of the song
he is singing.
Not complaining here, though.
As someone said,
"he wrote the damn songs,
he can sing them anyway he wants."

To finish up my lovely few days away,
M took me by 
It's the floral shop that has been 
doing all the gorgeous flowers
M has been bringing to me.
I met the floral designer, Tamra,
who is the genius behind all the beauty.

Back home now,
and back into my normal routine.
I love getting away,
but Buttermilk Cottage
 is always nice too!
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