Monday, October 15, 2018

Putting Summer Away...

As I sit here today 
contemplating bringing in my
plants from the porch
because we might, possibly
have a frost later this week,
I realize summer is over.
Of course it is!!!
It's mid October after all!
It's just that it has sped by SO quickly,
even though the warm weather has
lasted way longer this year
than we have any right to expect.

One summer event I should have ended weeks ago
is my family's 
I've shared everyone's cake except my own.
So here it is.

recipe from DELISH.
The main difference between my cake
and those of everyone else
 is that the recipe 
called for the addition of 
unsweetened applesauce and less oil.
A healthier cake....

 ...probably not because of the 
Lemon-Cream Cheese Frosting,
which was the BEST thing about the cake.

The cake was a bit too dense.
Probably because my recipe did not specify
what size can or how much 
crushed pineapple to use.
I used a large can and did not drain it.
So, although the frosting was first rate,
I wasn't too impressed with my cake.

After living here for almost fifteen months,
my violets finallllllly
began to bloom this summer.
I had wonderful luck with them
But for some reason, no blooms here.
Don't they like this house???
Are they mad I moved them???
After feeding them a bloom boost for several months
and moving them to some direct sunlight,
I am seeing flowers again.
(Thank you for your advise M.)

I have "read"
or listened to some outstanding
audible books this summer.
These were two of my favorites.

And finally,
as I say goodbye to summer,
here's a little round up of
the gorgeous flowers M has kept
me supplied with over the past few months.

Come on Fall.
I'm ready for you.

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