Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Sales and Going a Bit Crazy

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone.
Hope your weekend is a good one.
So far, mine has been.
It started yesterday...

...when my sister Nancy decided it was time
to replace her laptop.
I went along for moral support.
Since neither of us is very techno savvy,
it was decided two brains might be helpful
in asking the right questions and making
a good decision.

So off we went to Best Buy.
I had a bit of an second agenda.
Last Sunday's ads had included
what looked to me like a pretty good
price on an I Pad.

We looked at the laptops,
Nancy made her choice and purchase.
As our helpful "geek" was finishing up the sale,
I whipped out the sale circular and asked to see
what they had.
I have had a yen for an I Pad since last winter
when one of my knitting buddies brought hers to
our knitting retreat in the mountains.

I've also been seeing more and more
references to the "Square Reader."
It's a nifty way to accept credit cards
using your I Phone or I Pad.
I have no use for an I Phone--
I think it would be too much phone for me.
However, an I Pad...hummmmm.
My brain has been tossing around the idea
that this might just be just the ticket for
We've always been a cash and carry show.
But what if we accepted credit cards...

So I now have a brand new
toy to play with and learn
the ins and outs.

Nancy decided to have some software loaded
onto her new laptop which took a little time.
While waiting I wandered to the appliances.

It's crazy but I have been planning to
buy a freezer all my adult life,
but for one reason or another,
never have.
I even had an outlet installed in the basement
a couple of years ago for when I did.
Well, what do you know,
Best Buy had exactly what I wanted,
on sale.
The one I got is just a small one,
but will be wonderful for the
we do each year.
I can start baking much earlier
and stock things away for it!

So, I think I've done my part this
holiday weekend to keep the
American economy going...

Sales notwithstanding,
I am also remembering and
appreciating all the sacrifices
that have been made
by our military this
Memorial Day weekend.

Have a wonderful one!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making a Circular Tablecloth

This is one of my favorite spots in my house.
It's a small covered table in my kitchen.
It's the perfect place for simple meals,
a cup of coffee, reading the paper,
and good conversations.
Over time the blue tablecloth was
beginning to show its age.

Have you ever seen a more gosh-ugly table?
It definitely needs a cover.

I had recently purchased a couple of white quilts
at Homegoods and decided to put them
to use in the kitchen.

First, it was necessary to piece the two quilts together
and to find a large workspace to lay it all out.
My living room floor was the best spot.

Since I am making a circular table cloth,
I needed to find and mark the very center of my piece.

From that center mark, begin measuring the desired length--
widest part of the tabletop + (tabletop to floor + hem)2 divided by 2,
in my case 48 inches.

From the center point (previously noted),
begin measuring and marking at intervals in a circle.

Can you see my blue marks above?

With a ruler, then connect all your measured marks,
creating a circle.
Cut along this line.

Once the tablecloth is cut out,
place it on the table, wrong side up,
with the center mark as close to the
center of the table as possible.

Begin pinning the hem to your desired length.

Since this is thick fabric, I made a serged edge and
cut away all but one inch for the hem.
Then the hem was machine stitched in place.

Do you remember that ugly table?

What ugly table?

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

From My Book Shelf -- Two Books for Your Inner Foodie

is not a new title.
It was published in 2005.
(I find I'm having a hard time lately
getting new titles in audio format.
I think my local library is putting all their
funds into titles for eBooks and Kindles.
Thus my selection of this older book.)
I first knew Ruth Reichl's name when she was
editor in chief for GOURMET Magazine.
This book is about her stint as the
restaurant critic for the NEW YORK TIMES,
1993 TO 1999,
just before she went to GOURMET.
Her intent was to open up
the range of food critiques,
and bring attention to some of the
excellent ethnic restaurants in NYC.
In order to get a true picture
of a particular restaurant,
she becomes a master of disguises,
and is able to visit many
high profile eateries, anonymously.
She learns some interesting lessons
in her alternate personas.
After relaying the details
of particular visits to restaurants,
she often includes the actual critique
that appeared in the paper.

Gabrielle Hamilton's, more current book,
is a much grittier, unglamorous,
look at the food world.
Hamilton is the chef and owner
of "Prune," in NYC.
Not only is she an accomplished chef,
but has an MFA in fiction writing
from the University of Michigan.
This book is about her cooking education,
not at a culinary school, but rather in life.
She gained her food expertise beginning
in her French mother's kitchen,
in numerous kitchens as part of the wait staff,
as a private caterer, and while traveling.
She's very honest about her experiences,
from numerous arrest at the beginning
of her years in NYC
to some of the disgusting jobs
the owner of a restaurant must perform.
Of the two books, this is the one
that moved me more
because of that honesty.
Bon appetit!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chaos Comes to Buttermilk Cottage!

This is our idea of  "chaos" at Buttermilk Cottage!

He arrived this past weekend.
Chaos is the fifteen year old Rat Terrier of
my brother Rick and his wife Terry.
Within a month's time they will be on their way
to Germany for the next three years,
where Rick will be stationed with the U.S. Navy.
After much personal "chaos" on their part
 about what to do about Chaos,
it was decided Nancy's and my offer to
have him live with us was the best solution.

Daisy is delighted because her toy selection
has grown twofold with all the treasures Chaos brought with him!

They've already decided they like each other
and will be good buddies.

We're all making some adjustments
and learning our new routines,
but I think a little "Chaos" in our lives
is going to be a good thing!
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