Saturday, June 28, 2014

Distressing... in "distressing" chalk painted furniture.
Some time ago I painted the above
It was my first attempt at chalk painting.
At the time I did not distress it.
To tell the truth the whole process of
distressing a piece of furniture
intimidated me.
Also, I liked the look of the newly painted,
pristine wardrobe.
So I opted to leave it as it was.

I did not put a coat of finishing wax on it either.
Now, after some time has passed and the
wardrobe has had daily use,

it had begin to become distressed on it's own!
So, I spent a little time last weekend,
took the plunge,
and distressed my wardrobe 
totally over to a shabby chic look.

Working with a fine grade sandpaper,
I started with the spots which were already
starting to show some wear.
Then I continued on a bit 
to the areas which might eventually
get worn.

I finished it with a coat of paste wax.
I am completely happy with the results.
And, an added plus with shabby chic furniture,
no more worries about it getting 
bumped or more worn!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

On My Needles Today... a "bandanna" cowl.
It is shaped into a point at the center front,
giving it a bandanna look when worn.
I am knitting it with 
Plymouth Yarn's GINA,
a wonderful space dyed wool.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Happened to June???

The month of June is almost gone!
What happen to it?
It's been crazy busy here
so I guess that's the reason
I find it hard to believe we are
almost into July!

Some of June's highlights:

A weekend visit from my daughter Kate
to help celebrate my birthday!

A week long visit from 
my brother Rick who lives in  Germany!
Lots of fun talking about food/cooking, pop culture and movies!

An afternoon out to Jonesborough, the oldest town in Tennessee.
Nancy, Rick and I had lunch out and then 
caught a performance at
The International Storytelling Center.

A weekend visit to my parents' home in Fayetteville, TN.
This is the first time we have all been together in quite some time.

My sis Nancy, brother Bill, me and Rick.
How nice to all be together!

My brother Bill and his wonderful wife Pat
hosted the whole family for a Sunday lunch 
at their home.

Bill has recently began raising chickens!

This is the coop he built himself.
Very impressive!

Brother Rick visiting with the chickens.

A gorgeous assortment!

Last week I had the opportunity to tour the
gardens of Pam and Paul DeMarrais.
I was invited by a good friend, Susan O.
Susan shares a passion for day lilies with Paul,
which he collects and hybridizes.

In addition to the garden,
Paul, an artist,  gave us a tour of his studio.

Pam, who is a quilter also raises chickens.
I was totally blown away by this couples'
varied interests and obvious passion for all they do!

(Thank you Susan O. for the final three photos.)

To tell you the truth,
I am feeling a little over stimulated
by my busy June!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

On My Needles Today...

 I am working on a little Pinky ornament today.

It has been crazy busy here this month
and I hope to do
a "catch up" post this weekend. 

Happy knitting!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

On My Needles Today...Still...

I am still working on the hat I started last week.
It has been a bit of a busy week here.
Also, this is a new design and
as with most of my new designs,
there is a fair amount of 
ripping out and redoing!

Happy week,
Happy knitting!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

On My Needles Today... a pretty cable named
"Hollow Oak."
This is the beginning of a 
new hat design.

Here is an update on recent projects:

This is the finished hat from last week.
Who says brown has to be dull?

My triangular scarf from a couple of weeks ago
can also be worn as a traditional shawl.
Can you see the touch of
"radiant orchid,"
Pantone's Color of the Year?

Happy Knitting!
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