Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sewing Machine Woes

Like computers, sewing machines are wonderful…
when everything is working as it should.
For someone like me, 
who sews pretty much everyday,
my sewing machine is a big part of my life.

My Janome machine is the newer 
of the two machines I have
and the one I use the most.
It is about 12 years old.
Because I sew so much,
I take my machines in regularly 
to have them serviced.
About nine months ago, 
this machine went in for
its regular maintenance servicing.

When I got it home,
this is how it was sewing.
For those of you really interested in sewing and machines,
 this is the underside of the sewn fabric.
It would sew perfectly for stretches,
then start the above.
Back to the sewing machine shop.
Several days later, I am informed the machine is ready to go.
It seemed fine sewing at the shop,
back home, the above again.
Another trip to the shop which
I might add is a half hour drive from my house.

Let me say, this is the shop from whom I purchased the machine
and I am a fairly regular customer since they service 
both my machines and my over lock machine.
They had just been taken over by a new owner or manager,
I'm not really sure which.
He would not even look at the machine
this time, insisting I was using the wrong thread.
I will admit I use Coats and Clark Dual Duty thread
and I realize that is not considered a premium thread 
by many people.
So back home again, I try using some
Mettler, which is considered a better thread.

The thread made no difference.
At any rate this saga has continued 
for the past nine months, 
three different sewing machine repairmen,
 countless trips back and forth,
and the appearance of my face in all my local shops
bringing nothing but dread 
to the people working there.
("her again…")
I guess it might be time 
to buy a new machine.

Thank goodness, I had my backup machine 
on which I've been sewing everything
during this time.
I paid $40.00 for this machine about 40+ years ago.
It was a used machine when I bought it.
It does nothing but straight stitch,
is all metal (no plastic on this gal), 
 but still sews like a dream.
(I made my wedding dress on this
machine a hundred years ago,
for goodness sake!)

The tattered manual is copyrighted 1953,
making me and this machine very, very
close in age.
(I'll let you consider which is older.)

Notice the above paragraph from the 
old Singer's manual re "REPAIR SERVICE."
Imagine a sewing machine service rep 
coming to your home…

Since the sewing I do is not fancy sewing,
this machine is perfectly adequate for me.
My big concern is having a back-up machine
for those times this one is being serviced.
I did  research to help me make a 
decision on what I should buy.
Everything I considered seemed to
really be more machine than I needed,
is electronic and/or computerized,
and has lots of plastic parts.
And do I really need a machine
that gives me 300+ different stitches?

Then I remembered my sister Nancy, who is not a sewer,
had a machine she had acquired years ago from 
her former mother-in-law.
It has been sitting in our basement for years.
What a strange coincidence we should both
have the very same old machine.
Hers is actually in a bit better shape than mine 
since it hasn't had the workout mine has.
I have cleaned it and oiled it and
it sews perfect stitches too!
I have found my back-up machine!

My plan is to alternate these two machines
on a weekly basis and I am probably 
good to go/sew for years!
AND I don't have to buy a new machine!

Meanwhile, the Janome, with all it's fancy stitches
is packed up and waiting for this 
summer's yard sale.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coming Late to the Table...

One of my new year's resolutions was to 
finally take the time to figure out
how to use Pinterest.
Armed with a brand new computer,
with what seems like a huge screen,
compared to my old laptop,
the time had come.

I do not know WHY I waited SO long!!!
I cannot tell you the fun I am having with Pinterest!
Above you see a screen shot of some of "my boards."

Establishing a board is an excellent 
way to organize pictures and ideas
of things you like.
The above screen shot is of my board titled,
"Cottage Chic."
Once you have established a board,
you then "pin" images you like
related to that board.

You can have as many boards as you want,
including "secret boards" of you'd rather not share.

Boards can be practical (perhaps a board of recipes 
you'd like to try) or as whimsical as my
board of French Store Fronts, above.

When you open your Pinterest page,
you will see a "feed" of things which have been pinned
by you and people you follow.

Please don't wait as long as I did to get started!
If Pinterest is still new to you,
come join me and taste a bit of the feast!
You can find my boards here.

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