Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Moved and Settling In!

My move was two weeks ago yesterday.
All went smoothly and the
"settling-in" is progressing.
The above calla lily "bush" is 
a sight to behold in my backyard.
It is one of several calla lilies
I am enjoying!

The actual move took all day on Tuesday
with the movers returning 
on Wednesday
for another four hours
to finish the job.
I had four movers and they 
made the whole process a good one.

The move in progress.

I returned to the "old" house
one last time,
a few days after the move, give it a final cleaning,

...and get it ready for its new owners.

The closing was a week later.

And now this wonderful house
belongs to a young couple
who I am sure will enjoy it
as much as I did.

My violets and other plants made the final
trip from the old to the new with me.
We are all adapting quite well!

Moving into the "new" house!

And here's a little peek at what it is becoming.
I promise more pictures will follow
as I continue to settle in!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Birthday Posts and Other Such News

View from my window this Spring.

What a year 2017 has been for me!

I sold a house.  I bought a house.
I renovated a house.

If you have been visiting regularly the past few months,
you’ve watched the renovations I have been making on
my new/old Cape Cod.

We are almost there.
In fact the newest improvement 
to report to you is that the wood floors 
are finished!
I visited the house on Wednesday,
and although I could not walk through
and see everything,
I did snap a couple
of pictures to share.

I think they look great!

This is the last report I will post 
from my bungalow home.
Next time, you’ll hear from me
from the Cape Cod.

I am going away tomorrow for an 
overnight birthday respite.
When I return Sunday afternoon,
I will begin to ferry things
which I don’t trust to leave to the movers
to the new house.
They will be here on Tuesday.

With my brother Rick in Paris last year.
That brings me to "other such news."
Tomorrow I am meeting
 a dear friend, M 
in a nearby city to celebrate our "days."
M’s birthday is Saturday.  Mine is Sunday.

I have known M since 7th grade,
so yes, long time friends,
but with a long gap during that time.
We lost touch after HS graduation 
and reconnected just after  
I purchased the Cape Cod.
That’s almost 50 years!
M is the kind of friend with whom
our conversations immediately resumed
as though we had never been apart.
(I hope you have a friend like that too.)
M has also been watching my progress,
boosting me up, when I was down,
listening to my endless house details,
and always interested in the process.

Which brings me to the point of this
birthday post.
Much as I cringe to admit it
I am not young anymore.

Celebrating my Dad's 91st this year.

Yet, this year has taught me that
it does not matter the number of your years.
The trick is to stay open to new adventures,
new challenges, and to embrace them.
This year I have learned
some new lessons about
stepping outside my comfort zone.

My daughter and sister in France last year.
And as a result,
 I have had a magical year thus far.
The year is only half over
and I have just begun my new adventures.

Hope you’ll continue to follow along
as I settle in, 
and continue to transform and create my new
Buttermilk Cottage!

The former Buttermilk Cottage

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