Thursday, November 24, 2016

Viewing the Turkey Trot Run from My Front Porch!

It starts slow,
with the really serious runners,
but wait for it...

...more and more runners...

...keep coming.

One of the bonus features,
and there are many,
of where I live,
is that my house is on the route of my city's annual
Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Run.
It has been a tradition since I have lived here
to cheer them on!

This is a fun run with 4,000 plus runners and walkers.
There goes the Mayflower!

Not sure what relevance this guy has in a
Thanksgiving Day run...

...but he sure adds to the fun!

Everyone is invited to participate.

A lovely American tradition.

Even though I am an armchair participant of the run,
I am thankful for getting to share in it.

New friendships formed during the run.

The perfect "destresser" after a not so fun month.

The run is over and
Daisy is settling in for a long afternoon nap
before it's turkey time.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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