Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My BIG Score at Tuesday Morning!

Do you have a "Tuesday Morning" in your area?
They are a closeout retailer,
specializing in home decor, 
but they carry lots of other items too.
The trick is to visit them regularly,
because their inventory changes
often and fast.
Just because you see something there 
on one visit, 
doesn't mean you'll see it next time you go.

If you are a knitter, you know what kind
of treasures you can find there.

I scored really big this week!!!
I am always on the lookout for
novelty yarns to add to my
I must have hit it just right 
because look what I found!
I bought all they had...
26 balls in seven different colors
of Trendsetter Yarns, JOY.
This color way is "Flower Garden."
Isn't that fitting?
It's a fun yarn with little flags, 
which can add wonderful textural interest 
to a knitting project.

And look at the savings!

I also picked up 3 colors of a bamboo ribbon with some metallic.
These are the kind of sales that make my heart sing!

Be sure to visit buttermilk cottage.com
and see what I do with these!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Update on the Zucchini Cake Bake Off

Update on my family's 

I had thrown out a challenge to my older brother, Bill
to make this cake too, since all the other
siblings in the family had given it a try.
Bill is NOT a cook,
so the challenge was actually
an inside joke to my sister Nancy and 
brother Rick.

Well, he still isn't baking,
but his sweet wife Pat
has come through for him!
You can see her cake above.
According to Pat via a Facebook post,
"Susan, Bill didn't bake it but he sure is eating his share of it!!"

Yea Pat!

Bill and Pat.
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