Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Needles have been Clicking!

I've recently completed a series of knitted vests,
using my FUSION Yarn.
This red vest has a tab
and stick button for closure.

The green vest  has two wide lapels
which overlap and create a
fold back collar.
The closure is a large coconut button.

I call this colorway "Rain Forest"
because of its vibrant greens.

I particularly like the styling of these vests
because they are knitted sideways.
This gives them vertical lines,
which are very flattering.
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some great holiday shopping!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2012 Holiday Show & Sale Highlights!

What a party we threw last weekend!

It was our 4th Annual Holiday Fiber Show & Sale...

...and were we ever decked out!

As usual, the front entrance served as our check out area,

but there were plenty of goodies to tempt shoppers
from their first step inside.

Evidently, all our group has been working
especially hard this year,
because we had more inventory
to share this year than ever before.

With our hand knitted scarves, hats,
shawls, vests and jackets,
we also had some gorgeous
knitted and fiber inspired jewelry
and shawl pins, home decor items
and some really inspired wreaths.

We packed lots of goodies into my bedroom...

including soaps, lotion bars and lip balms made
by one of our group.

My "Pillow Vest" found display space on the bed...

...and the dresser showed off more jewelry.

We served refreshments in the kitchen
and tempted customers with some
of our tree decorations

and some good things to take home and eat.

My studio became our "Christmas" room
for our handmade ornaments, quilted stockings
and table runners.

And we even had room to squeeze in a few...


This show is an incredible amount of work,
and would not be possible without the
talents and efforts of our group,
my sister Nanniepannie, who helps
me install it (AND clean up afterwards),
and everyone who comes and supports us,
while getting some holiday shopping done.
So, my heartfelt thank you to everyone involved!

So, another successful Holiday Show done
and time to say,
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Steps in Some Long Term Redo Plans

A few weeks ago I mentioned
the brown couch was being recovered.
I'm SO happy to see it gone.

What a difference a lighter upholstery makes!
I've also traded the rugs from this area
and the adjoining entry.
This is the first step in a redo of my living room.

I also plan to have slipcovers in an off white
made for the two yellow love seats in this room.
I would have had them made at the same time as the
reupholstery of the other love seat,
but the fabric store didn't have enough fabric.
So, I'm on the look out for that.

I recently brought home this painted buffet
for the dining room.
Have you ever noticed when you
make one change,
several more ensue?
The buffet that was here originally...

Got moved to the entrance,
so the buffet that was there...

...could be moved to the living room to
accommodate my new flat screen TV.
Yes, I've finally updated and come
into the new age of television.

Finally, the tall book case that did
house my old TV was moved to
a spot in the kitchen,
which has cried out for a tall piece
since I've lived here.
Perfect fit!

I'm now searching for just
the right fabrics for  new window treatments
and slip covers.

However, all that will have to wait
a bit longer.
Wonderful items started arriving
yesterday for our upcoming
Holiday Sale.
This week will be spent
decluttering and setting
up displays!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holiday Shopping, Wrapping, Tagging...All Done!

But, this picture of my window seat
was just now snapped.
These are actually empty boxes,
wrapped in holiday fabric
and will be used to decorate
the front porch for the upcoming
holiday season. 
(The ONLY thing I have a jump on
this year.)

Wishful thinking on my part...

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Countdown Has Begun...

Nanniepannie and I are now working diligently,
getting ready for our upcoming

We're now less than two weeks away
and it seems every moment is scheduled
for some job or duty.

The invitations went out last Friday,
delivered with the little holiday fairy above.

The mice are finished and...

...the guys are being joined this year
with some gals.

What's on your agenda this week?
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