Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another Neighborhood Yard Sale Done!

Quite a sight, right?
Where's our pretty porch???

Generally, we set up our yard sale on the driveway
and while Nancy is busy selling all day Friday,
I am setting up the Bistro on the Porch for 
all day Saturday.

This year the weather predictions were dire,
with severe thunderstorms expected for Friday.

So, we set up and sold on the porch on Friday.

We also offered a small selection of goodies
and reminded everyone of what was to come
on Saturday.

This time the weatherman was right on point
and we had a terrific thunderstorm in the afternoon.
We were SO glad we were on the porch and not 
out on the driveway.

Talk about making lemonade 
when you have lemons...
We are experts.
We rested and caught our breath 
during the storms.
Once they were over, 
everything dried up quickly
and we moved everything out to the driveway.

We actually had a bit of a surge
 of shoppers Friday evening
and Nancy continued to sell,
while I prepared the porch
for Saturday's Bistro.

Here are some of our goodies
waiting on the kitchen table to be moved
onto the porch Saturday morning.

Saturday morning arrived with no rain in sight!

And we were ready with good food
and freshly brewed coffee!

While Nancy continued selling on the driveway,
I was waiting for our "guests" on the porch.

The weekend was a great success!

Two of our happy and satisfied customers.

This event is always fun to do,
but the amount of work and effort
Nancy and I put into it 
makes us quite happy it only
occurs once a year!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

On My Needles Today...

It's been a very busy week here.
We made it through the yard sale and Bistro
last weekend.
I'll tell you all about it on Saturday.
Since then I have felt exhausted and
have been very happy to spend 
a little time getting back into my zen 
with a little knitting!
Today I am working on a scarf
from FUSION, color way "Rain Forest."
I love these colors and
they are putting me in the mood for Fall!

Happy Knitting!
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