Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Interlude

My sister Nancy and I have just returned from a week long,
winter interlude which included a few days in Florida.
Last Monday we drove to Atlanta,
did some shopping,
(Pottery Barn, Ballard, Ikea--yeah!)
visited with an old friend of Nancy's,
Dodd, who graciously shared his
home with us for the night.
Dodd has just purchased a mid-century house
in Atlanta and it was fun seeing it and
hearing his all his plans for it.
The next day, we drove to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
My dear friend Carolyn (you can read more about her here)
had rented a condo for the entire month of January
and had invited us for a visit.

Santa Rosa Beach is on the Gulf.
Although the weather was not warm enough for swimming,
it was fine for walking on the beach.

Seaside, Florida is just a few miles from Santa Rosa.
I have heard about Seaside for years and it was fun to finally see it.

The houses are all varied and charming.

This is the view from Carolyn's condo.
We spent several lovely hours sitting on her balcony
enjoying the blue sky, blue water and warm sunshine!

All good things must come to an end and
we made our way home on Friday,
staying the night in Chattanooga.
We had planned a stop in Montevallo, Alabama
which is the home of Nancy and my alma mater,
the University of Montevallo.
However, as we left the sunshine state,
the sunshine left us.
It was so rainy, gray and foggy
we opted not to stop.
Last night it was home again, home again,
jiggity jig!
I always love going,
but I always love getting home again too!

Friday, January 13, 2012

View from My Window Today

We had our first snow fall last night.
And although it wasn't a lot of snow,
it's a bitter cold, with a howling wind blowing,
kind of day.
And, they're saying on the news there's black ice.
I can attest to that.
When I took Daisy out for her first walk this morning,
it was too slippery to walk on the sidewalk.

It's a good day for staying inside and
maybe doing a little photo shoot.

Maybe, just maybe it would also be a good day to
tidy up a little.

I'll probably just spend my time knitting.
This is my current project,
a Fusion Yarn scarf in "Plum Pudding" colorway.
Whatever you're doing today,
have a nice one!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cookbook Collections

google images
Recently I've done a little reorganizing of my cookbooks
and came across this one I had forgotten.

It was my grandmother's and copyrighted in 1933.
A real "vintage" cookbook...

...with "vintage" ideas.
Can you image this spread as a morning's baking???
I have to admit I never reach for this book when I'm
searching for a recipe.
When I moved into Buttermilk Cottage
I did a MAJOR downsizing.
One of the things to go was a
huge cookbook collection.
I was recently divorced, Kate had gone off to college,
I was starting a new life in a smaller home
and decided the cookbooks could go.
However, Grandma's book stayed with me.

Here are a couple I have used a lot over the years,
which were also spared the cut.

You can tell by the torn cover,
this is a very well used one.
My high school home economics class
sold these as a fund raiser.

The recipe book I most often reach for today is this one.
It's a red, loose leaf notebook that holds all my "keepers."

Rather than a bookcase full of reference cookbooks,
I now seem to get new recipes from friends, blogs,
cooking shows, magazines, and the newspaper.
Once tried, if I think I'd ever make the dish again,
the recipe gets typed up and added to my red notebook.
It's a "keeper"!
I know this looks nice and tidy,
but I have to admit the number of recipes that inspire me
come along much faster than I can get them cooked or baked.

Tucked in under my notebook is a file folder with all those,
"I want to try that...someday" recipes.
So many recipes, so little time.
Do you have a favorite cookbook
for which you most often reach?

This week I'm linking to a vintage cottage cooking party at

Saturday, January 7, 2012

French Script Fabric

Google Images

Yes, it's everywhere.
And it's been around for quite a while now.
But I'm still loving it.

Google Images
Pillows are probably one of the most predominate uses for it.

Google Images

Even the humble burlap with some French words stamped upon it
is elevated to a higher level.

On a recent fabric buying trip I finally acquired some for myself.
This is from Waverly, called "Pen Pal."
It's a fairly large scale print on a mottled beige background.
There's even a touch of gold metallic for some glam,
(as if anything French needed more glam).
Yardage for sale is available at my etsy shop.

I will be using it for needle cases,

in a variety of styles.
Here's one for double point needles.

This is a hanging organizer for circular needles.

I'll also be lining an occasional bag with it.

Do you like French Script fabric?
Have you found any unique uses for it?

Bon Jour!

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