Friday, April 1, 2016

Dinner for One

Cooking for one can sometimes be uninspiring.
But not last night!
One of my knitting buddies, Ann,
is somewhat of an urban farmer.
She lives in a spacious neighborhood
which gives her plenty of space for
gardening, bee keeping (her honey is to die for),
and raising four chickens.
On Wednesday she brought a dozen eggs
from her own chickens to our knitting group.
We happily divided them among ourselves.

Last night I had a wonderful cheese omelet for dinner!

Do you make omelets?  
They are so simple and good,
I make them regularly.
Since Ann supplied me with two eggs,
I made a two egg omelet by whisking
two tablespoons of water with the eggs.
I use an eight inch, non stick pan 
for this size omelet.
Melt a small amount of butter in the hot pan.
You can tell the pan is hot enough
if you drop a small amount of water into it.
If the drop bounces and sizzles,
the pan is the right temperature. 

Add the eggs and let them cook.

Tilt the pan and encourage the uncooked egg on top,
to flow to the outside edges for cooking.

Once the eggs are cooked
add any filling you want to one side.
I just happened to have some 
pepper jack cheese
which was perfect.

Flip the other half over the topping...

...and slide the omelet onto your plate. 

Thank you Ann for a most excellent
"dinner for one" last night!
Bon app├ętit!
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