Saturday, July 22, 2017

My Cottage Kitchen Reveal!

I have been silent for a bit,
busy settling into my new cottage.
I had in my mind to wait until
things were a bit more finished,
( bit more perfect?)
before posting pictures.
I have now decided,
there is no perfect time,
the house will be an ongoing 
project for a long time to come.
I am still waiting for the painter to finish,
the electrician to
 work me into his schedule,
and a call back from the handyman.
So, I am just going to start sharing.
The room most finished at the moment
(and one my favorites)
is the kitchen.

Do you remember the original kitchen?

It was entirely gutted.

After some extensive wall work,
the floor was the first new addition.

This room has come together exactly as
I saw it in my mind's eye.
That doesn't always happen.

White cabinets,
black granite counter tops,
white subway tiles and
a black and white floor
are the elements that created this kitchen.

It's a small, galley style kitchen
that totally fits my lifestyle.

This is the view from the dining room.

My old black cabinet,
purchased from a moving neighbor
in my previous neighborhood,
found a perfect home here.

It now stands in front of what was
previously the doorway to the pantry.
The pantry is now gone,
so the opening in the hallway,
around the corner could be created... house the stackable washer and dryer.

The existing kitchen windows
were perfect for glass panels
I had designed and made
for my previous house.

I love them in this space.

When planning this kitchen,
I knew I wanted a white cast iron sink.
I needed a fairly small one because
of this kitchen's size.
I found just the right sized one from Kohler.

The original kitchen was without a dishwasher,
but a space was created for one.

My benevolent sheep's head
keeps an eye on all the
doings in the kitchen.

I have never had a gas stove before.
So, since that's what was here before,
I decided to give it a try.
SO glad I did!
One of the features I am particularly enjoying
is the griddle in the center.
It makes remarkably good bacon!

Window treatments thus far 
are a matter of using what I had from 
my previous house.
This was a window topper at that house,
which was folded over a rod for a
triangular effect.

This canister set has been with me
for at least 25 years or more,
during which all but one lid
has gotten broken.
They are now nicely housing
some of my violets.

Are you seeing a color trend,
besides the black and white?
I have used and loved
red, blue and yellow together
for a long time.
For this house,
I have used the same gray
on the walls throughout.
But, I am certainly
still using my favorite

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