Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to Ewe!

Wool is my favorite fiber when knitting.
Thus, I feel a certain affinity with sheep.
I design, knit and sew sheep!
So, it's a given I'd be attracted
to sheep holiday ornaments.
So much so,
I have an entire tree
devoted to them!

Two of my favorites are these two little guys,
one stringing lights,
the other bringing a gift.

This iced "sugar cookie" was a gift from
my sister Nancy several years ago.

One of a pair, this little girl always hangs next to...

...her constant companion.

My daughter Kate made this little leaping sheep from clay for me.

This very delicate blue ceramic sheep was the start of my collection.

Check out this gal's pretty holiday pumps!

Of all my sheep ornaments,
my favorite doesn't hang on the tree.
It is another of Kate's creation,
and it wouldn't be the holiday season for me
without it!

Wishing all of you the merriest of holidays!

Join me at Etsy Cottage Style this week
for their Twelve Days of Christmas. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Treasures in the Mail Yesterday!

Recently I was a lucky prize winner on a favorite blog of mine -
Two Bags Full... hosted by Vicki.
If you're not familiar with this blog, please go visit it.
Vickie is one of the most giving people
I have met in blog land.
She is a neonatal nurse, a worldwide traveler
and travel writer, she takes gorgeous photos,
she's altruistic beyond words,
creates limited editions of whimsical knitted
"Nests" you have to see because I don't have
the words to adequately describe them.
She's an Etsy shopkeeper and finally,
a knitter and yarn lover.
Can you see why I was attracted to her blog?
She recently hosted a wonderful blog party
highlighting some of her favorite Etsy sites.
(That post alone is worth bookmarking
because it helps simplify  holiday armchair shopping!)

Yesterday I received the beautiful framed,
 charcoal sketch above.
It was donated to Vicki for her giveaway by
Kathy & Gwen at Gorby's Art & Antiques.
If you've visited here before,
you know that sketch will be right at home.
I haven't yet decided where it will hang,
but it will definitely find a spot before long.
Thank you Gwen (the artist) and Kathy!

Not only did I get the wonderful sketch,
but Vicki also tucked in a beautiful sugar cookie
from one of her favorite on line bakeries,
I've been munching on it with my coffee,
while writing this post.
for the lovely prizes, your blog and you!

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