Monday, March 6, 2017

I Need a Manicure!

Daisy and I spent the weekend at our new house!

 Not overnights,
just all day Saturday and Sunday.
(She's such a trooper!)

Our mission was to remove some wallpaper.
Hence the sorry state of my nails today.

 This is one of the upstairs bedrooms,
which will become mine.

Tools of the trade.

My method is to first score the wall 
with a razor knife.

Next, I saturate the wall 
with a mixture
of white vinegar and water.

 After about 15 minutes,
once the vinegar and water
 have done their magic,
I began to pull the top layer 
of the paper off the wall.

Underneath the patterned paper
is another layer of paper.
I am not really sure if this layer
is backing for the original paper,
sizing paper,
or a layer of glue.  (???)

At any rate, 
I then saturate it 
with the vinegar/water mixture,
wait until it soaks in and
That layer can be pulled away too.

One finished wall!
Truthfully, I have made this 
appear much easier 
than it really was.
Not all the paper comes away 
in nice long pieces.
Sometimes it's seemingly, 
by the square inch!!!

After about six hours 
of very tedious work...

...the entire room was done!

Sunday, it was onward 
to the second upstairs bedroom.

I do not have a finished pictured 
to show you of this room.
By the time I finished it,
I was too tired to think about pictures!

Other things accomplished this week -
the subway tile is here!
It will be used as a back splash 
in the kitchen,
and as wall surrounds for the tubs.

The "old pantry" has now been 
framed in for the new laundry space.

The kitchen has a new sub floor installed.

The wall around the upstairs tub 
has been replaced.
The wall at the foot of the tub,
next to the window,
was bare brick 
when I arrived Saturday morning.
It has now been covered with sheet rock.

So, things are moving along.
Daisy and I discovered this blooming bush
at the back of the property 
during one of our breaks.
Anyone have any idea what it is?
It is lovely...
as are all the forward steps made 
in the past week!


NanaDiana said...

It is looking good. That is a lot of work. I have stripped more wallpaper in my life than I care to remember. The worst was the 'old stuff' before they used strippable wallpapers and they didn't use sizing or anything. UGH!!! I bet you are anxious to get it ALL done. I can't wait to see more. xo Diana

Tanna said...

You and Daisy did an excellent job this weekend! Been there and done that lots of times... and, while its exciting to get big chunks to come off at once, there's always that part that comes off in dime sized pieces! ARRRRGGGHHHH! Good progress! I've been told the name of that bush, but can't for the life of me remember it. I love that it is one of the first heralds of spring! Keep on keeping on, Susan! blessings ~ tanna

Shirley said...

What progress! It has been years since I have stripped wallpaper but I still remember how time-consuming the process was. Love seeing the updates! It's going to be a beautiful home.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It's coming together beautifully and you're doing good work. Stripping wall paper isn't for the non-patient and am glad to see yours is coming off nicely.

WAM said...

You are badass sis. You went HAM on that wallpaper.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your new home is going to be lovely. I think your plant may be a flowering quince, but the one I remember my Mom having when I was very young was a little bit different color, so I could be wrong.

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