Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Lane Layman's Terms, "The Cake from Hell..."

I am coming in just under the wire
with my Lane Cake
for this year's family Bake Off.
I have been waiting for most of
the summer to make it
to serve to my knitting group
next time we met at my house.
Today was the day.

This cake was selected by my
sister in law, Pat...
with whom I have a bone to pick...
(Just kidding, Pat.)

This is a labor intensive cake to make.
There are four "from scratch" layers, 
and a cooked filling consisting of
dried peaches, coconut, toasted pecans and bourbon.
I did both of those tasks on Monday.
A cooked meringue frosting is the final step.
I did some reading on meringue frosting
and the general consensus is
that it's better served the day it is made.
Again, today was the day.

Never having made a meringue frosting before,
I followed the recipe to the letter.
You whisk together egg whites and sugar,
add some Karo Syrup and for my cake,
peach schnapps.
Then in a bowl over a pan 
of boiling water,
you beat with an electric mixer
(which I borrowed from my friend Anne)
 until "stiff glossy peaks form."
I never got to "glossy" but
there were stiff peaks.
Fearing I would burn the motor out
on Anne's mixer,
I decided to go ahead and frost.
You see above what it looked like.
For some reason it went "grainy" on me,
 and there wasn't enough to even 
cover the entire cake.
And it got rock hard as soon 
as it was on the cake.

I made a  quick consult with 
sister Nancy in Fayetteville
and brother Rick in Germany via 
What's App.
Nancy: "Scape it off and
make some butter cream."
Rick:  "Cut a big circle from the middle."

I did a combination of both their recommendations.

Here's my cake scraped and shaved.

Then, I made a quick trip to the 
grocery store.
At this point I was not about
to spend any more time 
making frosting for this cake!

I even bought some cookies,
just in case we couldn't eat the cake.

The Cake from Hell
in all its canned, butter cream glory.

My knitting group is composed of
dear friends.
We have been knitting together 
almost forever.
At any rate, they are very supportive
and ate the cake.
My friend Katherine, 
who is from South Alabama,
where this cake originated,
was even nice enough to say it
 "tasted the way it was supposed to taste."
(She KNOWS because her mother
used to make it every year at holiday time.)

I LOVE my friends.
(Btw, the cookies were not touched.)

Here is the link for the recipe I used.
In my opinion, the flavor was okay,
but the cake was quite crumbly.
This is an old fashioned cake
and I think our tastes have changed.
Or perhaps my cooking skills
have become a bit rusty... several other things.
Anyhoo...bon apetit!


Linda said...

Well bless your heart for trying so hard!!! I hope every bite gets eaten! I’d do my part if we lived closer!! Is it your turn to pick the cake for next year?

nanniepannie said...

I was in stitches the whole time I was reading this...thanks I needed a good laugh. I can't wait to taste it.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Oh my, I can just imagine the stress! Your friend is the kind to keep around!
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
P.S. I think I'll skip on the recipe!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I'm concerned. You've not blogged for many months. Are you alright? I always enjoy reading what you've been up to.

My husband has a cabled sweater that is too big for him. I am going to use it to make some pillows. I have a few other projects that are higher on the list right now though.

Laura of Harvest Lne Cottage

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