Thursday, March 7, 2019

Bon Soir Sweet Girl

My little dog Daisy had not been well 
since this past holiday season.
At that time she was diagnosed with 
congestive heart failure.
And although she had many good days since then,
the bad days seemed to come 
more and more frequently lately.
Yesterday I made the decision it was 
time to let her go.
I was with her until the end
and she went very peacefully.

Today has been a day of remembering. 
I am remembering my 
constant walking companion of many years. 
 I cannot begin to tell you how many acquaintance 
I made on our walks because of Daisy. 

 I am remembering her love for her toys 
and how she lived for me to toss them
 into the next room 
so she could chase them down.

  I am remembering my constant evening companion, 
on her pillow snoozing and snoring 
at my feet as I knitted. 
    Most of all I am remembering 
her absolute favorite thing 
of lying on her back 
so I could give her long belly rubs.

Daisy keeping me company while I stripped wallpaper.

Let me be completely honest, 
Daisy was a high maintenance girl 
and could drive me absolutely nuts.  
She was a barker from the very beginning 
and I tried EVERYTHING to train her to not bark.  
It was a real compulsion with her. 
Once she started she could not stop.  
We did the training sessions at Pet Smart.  
We tried the ultrasonic anti barking device 
that emitted high frequency sounds 
only Daisy could hear.  
She wore an anti-bark collar for a while. 
She was on anti anxiety meds for a while.
  We got a calming pheromone atomizer.  
But still... she... barked.  
And she drove me crazy.

Daisy and her cousin, Chaos

But still…
she was my “Daisy-Doodle,
the Brown Noodle."

Daisy and her newest cousin, Cooper

She was my "Baby Girl." 
She was my "Pretty Girl." 
She was my “Sweet Girl.” 

But most of all 
she was my dog
and she will be missed.
Sweet dreams Sweet Girl.


nanniepannie said...

I loved that dog so much, I know you'll miss her like crazy. She had a beautiful life.

Lisa said...

Awwwww... What a beauty she was..... so hard to let them go ... We had our Gracy.. a Schnauzer filled with the most amazing personality for 18 years.... I cherish alllll the precious memories !!

Patti said...

She was such a beautiful girl. Such big dark eyes. I loved all the pictures here of her, especially the one lying on her back. I agree, she had a wonderful life with you Susan. As a fellow dog lover I grieve with you. All my sympathies to you.

NanaDiana said...

My heart is breaking for you, Susan. It is so hard to let a dear pet go. I do believe they are a direct connection to our heart and sometimes touch us in ways that doesn't even happen with other people in our lives some ways.

I pray God heals your broken heart. xo Diana

Laura Lane said...

Sending you a hug. It's hard when our companions go.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Linda said...

So sorry to hear about Daisy. It is hard to let them go.

Lisa Resnick said...

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