Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer Reads

I am not sure what else I will 
read this summer,
but I feel confident in saying,
THIS one is my 
favorite of the summer.  

This is a multi generational family saga,
ranging from the 1930s to present time.
The author moves from time period
to time period often and with
great effect.
The story is about secrets,
American privilege, entitlement 
and prejudice.
I love the author's elegant writing style.
The themes of privilege and prejudice
struck a cord with me in light of
our own current political atmosphere
right now.

Have you given much thought about 
racial prejudice in other cultures?
This book struck a strong note
of how prevalent it is elsewhere,
namely in South Korea.
This book follows 
four generations of 
a Korean family living in Japan
after Korea was annexed by Japan
in the latter half of the 20th Century.
The theme of the family's
 constant and never-ending 
situation as despised "outsiders"
also caused me to 
consider the situation of many
people in America today.

This book is  the epitome of  a
summer, beach read.
Not a lot of substance,
kind of like watching a movie
on the Hallmark Channel.
(Remember when Hallmark movies
were thought provoking, well done,
REAL movies???  I digress....)

This is a story about divorce, its effects,
a tragic teenage accident and growth.
So so.
I do not purposely search out and read 
"Christian" fiction,
and that theme seemed a little forced to me.

This was an interesting
story about second chances.
It deals with some ugly
people and situations.
The main character
is complex,
but I found the story
a little predictable.

I just finished this one yesterday,
just in time before seeing the movie
when it's released next week.

This is a dog story, what's not to like?
It is told from the perspective of
and in the voice of Enzo, 
whose owner has more hardships
to deal with than anyone should ever have.
That being said,
Enzo is such a wonderful 
representation of all dogs,
the story is good.
His perception of life
is so right and true, 
you cannot help but love this dog.
Make sure you have some hankies handy.
You will need them.

How do I choose what to read?
I am an audio "reader"
so the first criteria is that 
a book be available in that form
from my library.
After that, I keep an eye out 
for recommendations from
friends on social media
and on most Sundays
I go through the paper's list
of new releases.
If it sounds interesting,
I add it to my queue.

What are you reading this summer?
I'm always open for suggestions!


Carol said...

I'm listening to the Maisie Dobbs series which I enjoy and just finished The Clockmaker's Daughter

NanaDiana said...

Thanks for the reviews.I always find good books that way. Sadly, I have had no time to read this summer. Maybe this winter- fingers crossed.xo Diana

Brenda said...

I read a book a day usually-at least 4-5 or more a week-read too fast I guess!!
The Guest Book is the best book of 2019!!!
I did not read as much the 18 years I taught age 40's-60's but as a girl I spent my days reading!!!

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