Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nancy's Hummingbird Cake

There she is,
the proud baker,
my beautiful sister Nancy
and her cake for this year's

The cake looks wonderful
and Nancy reports it was "delish!"
She used the 1978 SOUTHERN LIVING 
magazine recipe.
Two things strike me as notable about Nancy's cake:
*it was baked in a toaster oven
(another story all by itself)
*she used 2 sticks of butter 
 2 boxes of confectioner's sugar
for the frosting.
You can read all about 
her cake here.

Excellent looking cake Nancy!
I can almost taste it!

Still waiting to hear from you 
about your cake.

1 comment:

Barbee' said...

Your sister's cake looks better than the ones in the Southern Living article photos.

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